Emerging Markets

June 6, 2014

By: Darren Viegas

India Likely To Ease Restrictions for Online Retailers In July

India is likely to open its borders to large retailing giants like Amazon or Wal-Mart as early as next month. These retailers are banned from selling products which they have sourced themselves, and must rely on third-party suppliers. E-Commerce is growing at the rate of 34%in India. This policy will not only bring in the foreign retailers, but it will give online businesses access to foreign capital.
This announcement (if made official during the unveiling of the national budget) will be a huge step forward for PM Modi and the BJP party. It is policies likethis that investors have been hoping for, as the BJP has been seen by investors as more market friendly than its predecessor.

G-7 to Keep Next Russia Sanctions on Hold, Urge Dialogue

The G-7 has decided to hold off on further sanctions for Russia at the current time. They are currently giving the Kremlin another chance to cut-off support for pro-separatists in Ukraine. These sanctions have consisted of asset freezes and travel bans on 98 people and 20 companies that have ties to the kremlin. The sanctions have not reached levels that would curb investment or trade. Three G-7 leaders: Merkel, Holland and Cameron will have one on one talks with Russia this week. Putin has said that he is “ready for dialogue”
This is almost the end of the Ukrainian conflict. If Russia successfully disarms and cuts off support for the rebels, we will likely see investor sentiment rise and a lift of economic sanctions. We will know hopefully by the end of the week the willingness of Russia to cooperate.

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