April 19, 2021

Written by Sid Mohapatra

Risk on market sentiment fueled by positive economic news pushed the US and Canadian equities to new highs last week. This strong performance saw the Dow Jones Industrial Average cross 43,000 for the very first time reflecting higher levels of consumer spending, pick-up in inflation expectations and a sharp rise in earnings reflecting a fast-tracked economic recovery. The markets continue to bask in the sunshine of rising levels of consumer confidence and robust corporate earnings will be drivers of the rally going forward. However, inflation expectations will pose a challenge to this rally if they start accelerating and remain persistent.  

The TSX closed at 19,351 up 0.60% for the week and racked up a healthy 11% YTD return. Similar to its Canadian counterpart, the S&P 500 appreciated as much as 11.40% on a YTD basis and closed at 4,185 increasing 1.40% this week. In bond land, the US 10 and 30 years closed at 1.57% and 2.26% respectively. The pace of sell-off in rates has reduced but still, the overhang of heightened volatility on account of inflation expectations remains to be a theme.

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