DeGroote Trading Centres

COVID-19 Update: DeGroote Trading Centres will continue to be ongoing virtually in the upcoming fall 2020 semester to ensure that all DeGroote students still have access to the same learning resources from home. To sign up for a virtual Bloomberg or Refinitiv Login, please visit the virtual floor and speak with the coordinator on duty.

Zoom Link for Virtual DTC’s:

Bloomberg sign-up – Please copy and paste address using McMaster google drive

Bloomberg & Refinitiv High-level Presentation Below – Please copy and paste address using McMaster google drive

Zoom Link for Bloomberg & Refinitiv Seminars

The floor also offers virtual Bloomberg & Refinitiv Workspace Seminars! Each week will showcase one Bloomberg & Refinitv general overview, and one in-depth training session (schedule TBD).

Monday @ 7:30pm –

Friday  @ 7:30pm

Virtual Seminars will run Tuesdays at 7:30-8:30 pm and Thursday’s at 7:30-8:30 pm.

Virtual Volunteer Internship Program (VIP) – If you’re interested in participating in the VIP program join the virtual link and ask the coordinator how to get started!

The Allen H. Gould Trading Floor (GTF) and the Horizons Exchange Traded Funds Investment Decision Centre (HIDC) are unique learning environments that play an important role in enhancing the student experience at DeGroote. Using these centres, students learn industry skills and get a leg up on employment opportunities in the financial services industry.

The trading centres are powerful, sophisticated learning tools. Academic theory comes to life through “real” and simulated exercises which help students develop the skills they need in today’s competitive business environment. The floors are also unique research resources for faculty and students.

Did you know… No real money is exchanged in the trading centres, but the courses, seminars and workshops offered there can help prepare you for managing your real world portfolio.

The GTF and HIDC also serve as community centres where specialized courses and seminars are developed to serve all types of investors. Both beginner and experienced investors can learn more about managing their own wealth.

Financial institutions can also use the centres for training new employees, upgrading the skills of existing staff, and developing or testing new products.

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