Gould Trading Floor

The Allen H. Gould Trading Floor was built on McMaster’s main campus in 1999 to meet the rising skills training demands of the financial services industry. It is a state-of-the-art facility that delivers real-time data from North American financial markets (and delayed data from the rest of the world).

The GTF has 21 state-of-the-art Thomson Reuters Eikon stations, three Bloomberg terminals and seven NEC LCD screen displays (including one in the main lobby of the building) delivering real-time data from all North American exchanges.

The GTF is used in a number of undergraduate courses. Seminars can be customized to cover particular topics. The trading floor is also a resource for the business community. Financial institutions can book the centre to train new employees, upgrade the skills of existing staff, and develop and test new products.

Milli and Allen H. GouldThe GTF was made possible by Allen H. Gould, a no-nonsense Hamilton businessman who had a drive to succeed and lived by the creed “Do it Now.” This strength of character, coupled with his passion for business, helped Allen establish himself as a successful entrepreneur. He was determined and relentless, but people always trusted him because of his honest and forthright approach. The Allen and Milli Gould Family Foundation gave a generous gift to the DeGroote School of Business in 1999 to create the GTF. The gift symbolizes Allen Gould’s entrepreneurial spirit and benevolence.

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