Trader in Residence

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The Trader in Residence program exposes students to market reality, street insights and professional experience.

Professionals from different segments of the financial services industry visit DeGroote to discuss a variety of current industry subjects and to act as advisors to students and faculty.


Who are the Traders in Residence?

The Trader in Residence is:

Paul Allison, a past trader in residence

Paul Allison, a past trader in residence

  • An individual with extensive industry expertise (a senior trader, senior manager or senior analyst).
  • An individual who adds realism and brings the excitement of the financial services industry to the trading floors at DeGroote.
  • An individual who makes academic theory come to life by dissecting the trading process, introducing trading terminology, providing insights into market research and analysis, and discussing current issues and career opportunities.
  • An individual who answers fundamental trading and investment questions.
  • An individual who explains trading decisions using economic justifications, technical or fundamental analysis.
  • An individual who is able to discuss the use of a variety of financial instruments and who is able to evaluate students’ trading strategies and make trading recommendations.

Thank you to all the professional men and women who have been Traders in Residence in the past.

Becoming a Trader in Residence

If you are interested in becoming a Trader in Residence, please contact Dr. Siam at

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